York Press, Gazette & Herald’s Careers Guide 2015 – Prep in York is in there!

I’ve learned this week that there is something pretty terrifying about seeing your face in ink…  I was contacted by the Press recently to see if I wanted to have an advert put into their 2015 Careers Guide, and of course I said yes, but my goodness what a weird sensation it is to open up a magazine and see your own mug staring back at you!

Photo on 16-10-2015 at 20.36I am rather proud, however, and I hope that all the young people that receive a copy of the Guide find it a very useful and informative publication.  Hello, if you’re one of those people!  If you’re studying English A level (and considering it for a degree…) and wondering what career path to follow, the hundreds of jobs out there can be a little overwhelming to sort through but rest assured that your options will not be limited.  Teaching, journalism, marketing, advertising, law, publishing, copy writing, PR, market research, sales, politics, editing, planning and theatre/tv are just some of the careers that require you to be able to read and write with style and insight.  And don’t think, ‘I’ve been in school for a million years so why would I want to go into teaching?’…it really is the best job in the world!  (Even if very occasionally it means smiling a little gormlessly from the pages of a magazine.)