Creative Writing courses


Creative Writing groups are available for children of all ages. We meet weekly in small groups that are designed to provide a cosy, comfortable atmosphere where students can get to know each other and feel confident in sharing their work with each other. At only £10 per 50 minute session for key stages 2, 3 and 4, and £5 per 25 minute session for key stage 1, these courses provide excellent value for money, and are enormously fun too! Each course runs for 4 or 6 weeks.

Students need no previous experience of ‘being a writer’ and need only bring their laptop for the zoom, a notebook and a pen or pencil. We will get their creative juices flowing in no time! I have a permanent waiting list for these courses so please get in touch and I’ll let you know about the next block you can join.

We started working with Liz because my daughter has a passion for stories, rather than being for school support or revision. I’m so glad we did as all I hear from her room every week is laugher, amazing ideas and wonderful stories! Liz has such a rapport with my daughter and they immediately hit it off. I would recommend Liz to anyone wanting a tutor passionate about her subjects and able to draw it out and enhance it so easily in others.

A’s mum, 2022

Liz taught my daughter creative writing in a group environment over one of the lockdowns. She created such a safe environment for her to write what she wanted, in the way she wanted. She brings her clearly excellent teaching skills to bear in the most light touch way possible. She built a really supportive environment with the other children, they read out their work to each other and gave constructive feedback, but there was no pressure to do so. It was a joy to listen to how warmly Liz guided the group through the explorations into the world of creative writing.

E’s mum, 2021

My 11yo says, ‘In school I have to write to someone else’s ideas and structure. Liz shares different ways of writing and then provides a prompt, but with complete freedom to write how I really want.’ As a parent I have seen my daughter grow in confidence of her written voice with the safe space and enthusiastic guidance provided by Liz. I am so glad Liz gives my child the opportunity to explore writing how she wants to, rather than to a curriculum.

E’s mum, 2022