• ‘[His work now] is at a different level to the work that he would have produced 3 months ago… [I want] to thank you again for the work that you have done with him; in the short time period he has improved enormously and for a 10 year old never to moan or think “oh no I’ve got English again” when I know he’d much much rather
    be doing something else is a massive credit to your work and manner.’ (O’s dad, year 6.)
  • By far the best tutor I’ve ever had. 100% on top of the English A-level course, and has helped me improve a huge amount. Really friendly as well – thank you for everything so far!’ (M, year 13.)
  • ‘There is not enough words of how much Elizabeth helped me! I am Russian and I would never think that I could ever pass my gcse english for ‘B’. This grade was deciding if i will get to the University or not. I was absolutely hopeless and about to give up, but just a few lessons with Elizabeth gave me such a great confidence and knowledge of what i have to do when I will be at the exam. The way how she structured her lessons was amazing! Also a very positive and kind person who made me to belive in myself. Her knowledge of what she is doing is amazing. Such a clever person a experienced teacher. She told me what I could not find on any website. I am so so happy that when I was choosing personal tutor I  found her.  100% recommend it to everyone! Best tutor I ever had!  Doesn’t matter how hopeless or worried you feel, I am sure she will help you as she helped me.  She made my dream come true.  Thank you!’  (D, mature student.)
  • ‘I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and support you have given me.  I feel like my confidence in English has gone up enormously and I am very grateful for that.  You are an amazing teacher!’  (N, year 11.)
  • ‘Great help and support! Only needed a couple of lessons to regain confidence and rework some essays.
    Many thanks!’ (M, year 13.)
  • ‘Thank you so much for all your help and advice over the past year – it’s been fantastic.’  (F, year 12.)
  • ‘Thank you for everything.  You are the best teacher ever!’  (P, year 11.)
  • ‘I have had many English teachers and as you know I haven’t been the easiest student sometimes.  I’d like to thank you for believing in me and really pushing me and making English enjoyable.  Thank you for all your help during and before exams.  I know you’ll always inspire students and make English less stressful and more fun for them.  Thanks again.’  (L, year 11.)
  • ‘Elizabeth was an incredibly supportive tutor to my daughter who achieved an A in her GCSE. Her careful guidance along with precise methods of teaching proved to be invaluable.  An English tutor my daughter and I would most certainly recommend!
    Thank you!’  (S’s mum, year 11, homeschooled.)
  • ‘Elizabeth was an excellent tutor for my son doing his GCSE English Literature in Y10 and helped him to achieve his challenge target of a Level 7 (A) in the new exams. Elizabeth has a great manner with her students, is very knowledgable, always on time, well prepared and very easy to communicate with. Due to time/ travel constraints the lessons were done via Skype which worked perfectly.’ (B’s mum, year 10).
  • ‘We found Elizabeth to be an excellent tutor. She taught my daughter A level English Literature helping and supporting her at a time when her confidence was at an all time low and time was running out before her exam. She was extremely knowledgeable about the texts and I am certain that her fantastic exam result of a B (which was 2 grades higher than predicted) was down to Elizabeth’s fantastic teaching.’ (K’s mum, year 13.)
  • ‘Elizabeth is a very experienced tutor. Very well-prepared, patient, knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. She is reliable, always on time and helpful. I would highly recommend her.’  (A’s mum, year 8, homeschooled.)
  • ‘I am delighted with the progress that my son made with Liz. He had one lesson a week from January to April in order to help him with his GCSE English. He was achieving D grades in most of his controlled assessments and his mock exam result was a D. He wasn’t keen when I suggested a tutor but thanks to Liz it wasn’t a chore for him and I never had problems getting him there!  She is enthusiastic, friendly and she definitely gave him more confidence in his abilities both in Language and Literature. She made him feel at ease and she carefully planned work for him enabling him to progress a whole grade in both Language and Literature. She even managed to make him laugh and smile, something that he never imagined he would do whilst doing English! He was so pleased when he opened his GCSE results to see that he had a C in both of his English exams!  I am so thrilled with how Liz has helped my son that I have already recommended her to two of my friends, who will be needing GCSE tuition for their sons in the future!’  (J’s mum, year 11.)
  • ‘Liz was a great help to my daughter in the run up to her A level English literature exam. She provided advice and help and was always willing to read coursework or practise exam papers. Above all she really cared about her subject and her tutees – something which came across right from the start.’ (A’s mum, year 13.)
  • ‘Liz really helped my daughter before her GCSE resit.  She went from an E to a B after only 8 lessons, securing her path to university. Liz has a good manner and understanding of young people giving them the confidence and knowledge to pass the exam. Thanks for the help, she could not have done it with out you.’ (J’s mum, year 12.)
  • ‘You did a brilliant job.  Thanks again.’ (S’s mum, year 11.)
  • ‘Thanks for all your help.  You have been awesome.  We will be in touch when T’s brothers do their GCSEs!’ (T’s mum, year 11.)
  • ‘Thank you so much for all the support you have given J and P.  We really do all appreciate it.  Thanks in particular for your continued support of J.’ (J’s parents, year 13.)
  • ‘I believe Elizabeth has had a very positive impact on my son’s skills in English, his grades at school and also his enjoyment of the subject. Despite the lesson being on a Friday evening, he has always been keen to attend and often talks with enthusiasm about the lesson on the drive home!’  (S’s dad, year 11.)
  • ‘You really helped C feel a lot more confident with his Drama.’ (C’s mum, year 13.)
  • ‘Absolutely brilliant – made our son feel safe, welcome and enthusiastic.  He was predicted a G and got a C – the best in his class!’ (G’s dad, year 11.)
  • ‘Elizabeth is an excellent tutor.  As an experienced teacher, she knows what examination boards require for the pupil to achieve high grades.  She’s personable and takes time to really tailor the study to the individual.  My son actually likes his tutor time, which is quite something after long school days.’ (D’s mum, year 11.)

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