Recommended tutors

I am often asked to recommend tutors of other subjects; here you will find links to some I have worked with and know to be excellent in their fields.

  • Louise Ravenscroft offers expert, online A level and GCSE tuition in History, Law and Business Studies and can be contacted at
  • Atul Rana is based in London but offers online tuition in Maths and Science.  He is an extremely experienced and sought after teacher with a specialism in Dyscalculia.  He can be contacted at
  • Matt Witchalls provides online, expert Maths tuition from his home in North Wales.  Contact him at
  • Pempi Wycherley is based just outside Leeds and tutors A level Physics and Maths; she also prepares students for university applications for Physics.  She can be contacted at 
  • Alex Vearey-Roberts teaches Maths and Physics online and in London; as well as UK exams, he also prepares students for the SAT and ACT texts.
  • Frances Simon is an experienced actor and drama teacher offering Lamda classes and fantastic workshops as well as agency representation to young actors. Contact her through her website:
  • Heather Moger offers pre-instrument and recorder lessons at Music at Heart
  • Cristina Crespo offers flute lessons at The Flute Connection