Learning styles

“But how do I revise?” is a question I hear several times a year.  There’s no easy answer unfortunately – you are an individual with individual needs!  A good place to start is to decide what kind of learner you are.  Think about your lessons at school, for instance.  Do you learn best by listening to the teacher and then writing down notes?  Or would you forget everything she was saying before it got to paper?  Perhaps you need to keep moving while you learn – do you pace your room while reciting verbs?  Or maybe you need to see the idea in written or figurative form, and then write copious notes of your own? Basically, do you learn best by listening, moving or seeing?  Once you have answered this question, you can use your own personal learning style to help you during your revision.

Auditory learner tips (LISTEN):

  • Go through your notes with someone – ask each other questions
  • Record your notes and then listen to them
  • Talk to yourself while you revise – read aloud and ask yourself questions about the topic
  • Listen to quiet music while you work (although bear in mind some people find this very distracting – know yourself!)

Kinaesthetic learner tips (MOVE):

  • Use flash cards and turn using them into a game
  • Take regular breaks from your revision to go and do something active
  • Fiddle with something like blutack or a stressball while you’re working
  • Think of physical examples of the concepts you’re revising where possible

Visual learner tips (SEE):

  • Turn your notes into colourful diagrams such as mind maps
  • If you’re writing notes in list form, make them interesting to look at, with colours and hilighters to help you cross reference
  • Use flash cards
  • Watch videos explaining the idea you’re trying to learn

Next time:  How to begin your revision