Creative Writing Competition Winners 2022

Max and the Phoenix Fire-Bird,

by Jessamie Riley-Ennis, aged 8


The Phoenix firebird lived high in the mountains in a small cave called Cueva del Infierno. Unfortunately, he was the only one of his kind.

Max Alone

Max was a small boy. His name was a really good name for a hero yet he didn’t feel at all heroic. He lived on his own in a small cottage.

Phoenix Power

One day humans found out about the Phoenix firebird and wanted to take his power. So from miles around they set out and captured him.

Be Brave

The Phoenix firebird was sure there was some way to escape but he didn’t know how. He needed to save himself, or all would be lost. His kind would be extinct. He couldn’t bear it, he would let everyone down.

Heroic Max

Max found out about the Phoenix in the newspaper and knew he needed to save him.


The Phoenix firebird was trying to get away but it was no use. Little did he know he had a saviour on his way. He was squawking loudly.

Max found the Phoenix firebird and tried to unlock the cage.  Max could hear the guards murmuring softly and footsteps approaching from down the hallway. “Shhh’ Max whispered. “I’m trying to rescue you, don’t blow my cover.”

Try Harder

 “Right boys, today’s the day” one of the guards said. Max knew what he meant – they were going to steal the Phoenix’s power. Quick as a flash, he darted and seized the keys from the surprised guard. Like a bolt of lightning, nothing could stop him now.


But he wasn’t quite fast enough. A guard caught up and seized the majestic bird. But just then, suddenly, no one expected it, the firebird disintegrated. The firebird was no more.

Rise From The Ashes

The guards went away thinking they wouldn’t get any powers from a pile of ash. Just then the ground shook violently and all the plants turned black.

Max cried and cried. Although he had only just met the firebird he felt some kind of connection between them. Then, wonderfully, the Phoenix came back to life. Max’s tears of life had saved him…

Max was a Phoenix as well. All the plants were growing, happily. The sun was shining more brightly than ever before. But now they had to get away before any guards came back…

Friends To Soulmates

You know how Max was a boy? Well when he found out he was a Phoenix she was actually a girl, Phoebe the Phoenix, and the other Phoenix was Philip. 

“Run, I mean fly,” Phoebe whispered. “Sorry, I’m not used to being a bird”. Philip chuckled. “Let’s go and find a place to live away from here.”

Fire Cave

The lovebirds flew up to the mountains into a new cave. A burning hot cave, full of flames. They perched on a branch, ate a few leaves and fell asleep. 

The Beginning